All our products at Urzuv are intricately handcrafted. Their mild imperfection represents their natural beauty and rawness. In order to maintain the stoles, it is recommended that you follow these care instructions


  • Dry-cleaning is the recommended & safe solution
  • Since food stains and body oils attract moths, ensure that your shawl/stole is clean before packing it
  • Preferably pack in a tissue paper, muslin cloth or a protective case which is moth-proof
  • Airing your shawl regularly helps keep it stay odor free. Every 3 months give your shawls some fresh air
  • It is recommended that you always use steam when pressing wool
  • While ironing, cover it with a protective cloth & keep the iron at a low temperature


  • Stack stoles one over the other
  • Wash or bleach your shawls/stoles in a washing machine or in hot water
  • Store in plastic it can lead to the development of lint and mar
  • Use naphthalene balls or cakes while storing
  • Expose the shawl to direct sunlight or heat or moisture directly